How I Lost 90 Pounds



  •  Set small realistic goals and define those goals by being specific: “I want to lose 6% body fat in the next 3 months.” “I want to lose 7 pounds this month.”
  • Write down a plan of action to get you to the goal: “I will start engaging in aerobic activities 5 times per week.” “I will implement a new nutrition plan.”
  • Start a food journal: Buy a notebook and write down what you eat or keep track on a phone app or nutritional website. For accountability: ask a trusted friend or family member to check your journal.
  •  Surround yourself with positive influences: If all of your friends have food addictions of their own, it may be very hard to be successful on your journey toward weight loss.
  • Make a friend at the gym who is working toward the same goals you are. Ask your partner, children or another family member to join you for exercise.
  • Join or start a support group at your home, office, church or gym.