FIT for Freedom is an annual event held at NorthWood Church in Keller, TX. Laurie heads up this event where participants practice faith and fitness together in community. This is an ongoing 8 week opportunity designed to help people over the hurdles of getting started on their wellness journey. The course offers EVERYTHING! Bible study, small group accountability, practical nutritional information, you’ll even lear how to clean out your pantry and shop for healthy foods at the grocery store.


Check out some testimonials from some of the men & women in the club!



“I joined the 90 Day Fitness Challenge to encourage my spirit. I had been dealing with 2 injuries and 2 surgeries for a year and a half. My spirit was so discouraged…wondering if I would ever be able to regain my health and heal. Although I didn’t lose weight on the challenge, it did lift my spirit and I am happy to say that just a couple of weeks ago I got the all clear from my doctor. He told me I was fine and he did not need to see me any more. He also told me I could begin exercising again. So…I joined the gym on Sunday and began working out on Monday. I feel like that challenge helped me prepare for my weight loss journey that I am just now undertaking.” – Joy


“When I heard about the fitness program, I knew I had to participate.  Through the challenge I have gotten my butt off the couch and my hands out of the chip bag. I also spend considerably more time in God’s Word.  It really opened my eyes to see the sin and lies in my life that I had used as excuses for inactivity and laziness, both physically and spiritually. I also lost 15 pounds!” – Shirley


“Praise to our awesome God for inspiring you to start this program and for His ever-present power that enabled my life-changing experience!  Quarterly diabetes check up today and A1C was down from 7.6 in Feb to 6.9!  That is the lowest I have ever had!  AND, my doctor’s words for my cholesterol:  “Awesome! Keep up whatever you are doing!”  - Becky


“My health has drastically changed by participating in the challenge.  My doctor was surprised at how much my blood sugar had improved.  A year ago, my A1c was 8.5.   Two weeks after starting the challenge, it was 6.1!  The doctor took me off half of my medicine dosage and completely off one of my other diabetic medications.  Every time I check my sugar levels, they are better.  Getting off the anti-depressant was a big step, too.   Looking back, I can’t even imagine that I needed it! I love a total of 49 pounds!!!” – Melissa

Ezekiel 18:32

For I have no pleasure in the death of him that dieth, saith the Lord God: wherefore turn yourselves, and live ye.

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