Class Description

FIT Girls Club is an ongoing accountability class where women of all ages meet together once a week for fitness training, nutritional guidance, grocery shopping tours, cooking demonstrations and spiritual study. Participants find friendships and encouragement from other women working towards the same goals of health, weight loss and wellness – spirit, soul and body.
Many diet and exercise plans are unrealistic and unsustainable long term. I want to teach you to walk in freedom, temperance and self control that will lead to lasting change. I don’t lead these classes to teach you that you can be as sexy as you were at 21 (although, if that is a side effect, Praise God!) My main calling is to equip women with the tools they need to take care of themselves and their families in a way that is pleasing to the Father. The Word says His yoke is easy and His burden is light – all He requires of us is our “reasonable” service and that may look different to each woman participating. – Laurie


Check out some testimonials from some of the women in the club!


My classes are highly effective for spirit, soul and body training, read what past participants have to say about their experiences:
“I have made great friendships with sisters in Christ on the same path as I am on. I felt genuine love, caring and ministry from Laurie as she lead each class. I have found sisterhood, prayer and a trusted trainer for exercise and nutritional information. As a result of participating in the classes Laurie has offered I have dropped 65 pounds, my daughter 25 pounds and my husband 15. Slight changes made because of the information I’ve received have had a HUGE impact on my family. I recently ran my first 1K and am now turning to God and exercise instead of food for comfort.”  -Mary Beth

“I love Laurie’s heart. She is organized and thoughtful in everything that she does. I loved all the cooking and nutritional demonstrations. I also appreciate how spiritual concepts were intertwined into each meeting. This class has been a great way to keep me on track and motivated. If you are looking for a great group of humble women, this is the program for you. Because of this class I am walking away with some emotional healing, tons of insight, a binder filled with nutritious recipes and a deeper connection to God. Since attending the Losing IT Series and the 90 Day Challenge Laurie led at NorthWood Church, I have lost 80 pounds!” - Margret

“The classes that Laurie leads are realistic and sustainable, I have been able to use all the information immediately at home. Because of the tools I’ve used my whole family is gaining health. We now exercise as a family and realize the importance of cooking rather than eating out all the time and we are working out together as a family. I’ve learned to cook our favorite foods in a healthier way and balance occasional treats by eating smaller potions. My 9 year old daughter has lost 10 pounds and is feeling more energetic. I’ve lost 70 pounds and both my husband and I have dropped 20 points each off our cholesterol levels.” - Ashley

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