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Laurie Graves is an amazing inspiration to so many people. Through her past experiences and trials, she has turned what was meant to harm her into a path of good for the people she comes into contact with. I know some of those whom she has trained physically, and they are fitter and stronger than ever. But most importantly, the mental and spiritual aspect of her beliefs are an incredible base for those wishing to change their lives and follow the path that God has for them. I have read Laurie’s devotional and have been inspired to begin a new journey for myself, and I do not doubt that those that read her devotional will find hope and inspiration in their walk with the Lord on their journey to a better life.

Danny Cahill
The Biggest Loser Season 8

“Laurie has helped keep me in shape after The Biggest Loser! She is a great trainer and person, she adds that personal touch and cares for each individual she trains and tailors a plan that is right for YOU.  She can help you get into the BEST shape of your life!  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their life and seeking a healthier lifestyle.”

Renee Wilson
The Biggest Loser Season 6

“When you work with Laurie, she takes into consideration all of your needs, not just weight loss.  If you feel there is something physical that has been holding you back from reaching your goals, she will find a way to help you work through whatever it is and she shows you that your physical goals are attainable no matter what.  During the training sessions she motivates and inspires you based on what you CAN do, unlike some trainers who make you feel inferior for what you CAN’T do.”

Sandy Dolan
The Biggest Loser Season 10

“Laurie has been a huge blessing in my life.  Since being off the show, it was crucial for my journey to find mentors who could continue to inspire and motivate me the same way Bob and Jillian did, and Laurie has exceeded my expectations.  She is a great trainer and even better friend.”

Aaron Thompkins
The Biggest Loser Season 10

“Laurie Graves is a superb trainer.  She was at the taping of my finale and sought me out to personally extend an invitation to workout with her.  I had never trained with a woman before, and must say I was impressed!  She is encouraging without being intimidating and catered the workout to my fitness level.  I felt comfortable with Laurie from the start!  I would highly recommend her as a personal trainer.”

Staci Bridwell
ABC's Extreme Weight Loss

Laurie is a successful graduate of multiple Fitness, Nutrition, and Health Certifications offered here at the Cooper Institute, Dallas, Texas. I was one of her instructors formany of the topics and got to know Laurie more personally. Because she herself had to overcome excessive weight gain and the emotional bruises that led to such behaviors, Laurie is very compassionate, but also very savvy about navigating the ups and downs and potential pitfalls that can challenge even the most determined person. Laurie not only has a good command of health and fitness information but she is also a mature,devoted Christian. Her knowledge of the Word of God comes alive as she guides individauals Spirit, Soul, and Body.

Karyn Hughes, M.Ed. in Kinesiology
Associate Director of Education, The Cooper Institute, Dallas, Texas

“I can’t say THANK YOU enough to one of the most thoughtful people I know.  Laurie Graves has put her heart and soul into helping me on my journey. A few years ago I weighed 913 lbs and very miserable. I saw Joyce Meyer talking on TV and she said, “Stop complaining about what you don’t have and what you can’t do, and think about the things you DO HAVE and what you CAN do. Quit having the poor me attitude”!! That was the first kick in the pants I received on my weight-loss journey. I’ve lost 415 pounds since then, but had been on a plateau for seven weeks.  God sent another kick in the pants by way of Laurie Graves. Laurie has taken me under her wing and is helping me along on my journey to “The Biggest Loser” season 12.  I believe in angels and I believe Laurie is one of a few that has been sent to guide and help me along the way. She accepts me for who I am and has never judged me for my size. She has a heart of gold. She puts me through intense workouts and helped me realize all the things I can do with my 500-pound body. I am grateful for her coming into my life and being another kick in the pants, just like Joyce Meyer was.  Laurie and Joyce are at the top of my hero list. I officially name Laurie Graves as my trainer on the journey to ‘The Biggest Loser’ season 12″

Earl Kennedy
Laurie Graves Fitness Client

“Working out with Laurie after breaking my radius and ulna in my left arm was a unique experience. She helped me gain strength back that I had lost and helped me get back on track with my fitness goals.”

Rachel Gilliam
Laurie Graves Fitness Client

“Laurie is great at what she does. I started out as miserable and frumpy stay-at-home mom. Laurie has taught me how good nutrition and a positive attitude, I can do anything.”

Emily Gambill
Laurie Graves Fitness Client

“Laurie Graves led the 10-week Vintage Fitness class at Prestonwood Baptist Church.  The class consisted of exercise, nutrition and biblical teaching for senior adult women.  Laurie has a gift of encouraging, motivation and meeting women at their point of need.  She taught each women in the class on their individual skill level and took each one to a higher level of fitness and spiritual growth.”

Debbie Stuart
Director of Women’s Ministry at Prestonwood Baptist Church

“I suffer with Multiple Sclerosis. Laurie has worked with me on balance, flexibility and strength training. Two years ago I was confined to a wheelchair, now I’m able to walk, ride my bike again and lift weights.”

Sue Nichelson
Laurie Graves Fitness Client

“Through Laurie, we have gotten our son back. He is happier, healthier, and more confident than he has been in a long time.”

Sheila Johnson
Laurie Graves Fitness Client

“Laurie made such an impact on me in the week we trained together! She has become a mentor and a friend. I hope to show others the same passion and strength she has shown me.”Brian Crum, Grease, Broadway Musical Actor/Dancer

Brian Crum
Grease, Broadway Musical Actor/Dancer

“Since reaching my 40′s, gravity was beginning to work against me and I wanted to lower my blood pressure.  Laurie listened and planned workouts that were customized for me! My husband has noticed the changes in my body and frequently makes positive comments. He has actually taken me to buy jeans because he likes the way they look.”

Cindy Worrell
Laurie Graves Fitness Client

“This training designed by Laurie Graves has been a fun and rewarding experience. It has motivated me to reach my goals of optimum health and well-being. I haven’t felt this good in a long time!”

Elysse Reyes
Laurie Graves Fitness Client

“Laurie’s knowledge of nutrition and her willingness to incorporate that into my training, plus her accountability program and relentless encouragement , have made all the difference! She listened to my goals and gives me very challenging workouts.”

Bethany Stewart
Laurie Graves Fitness Client

“I have lost 30 lbs and 3 sizes working with Laurie. Everytime I meet with her she always has a positive attitude and tailors the workouts to each of her clients. If you are looking for a great personal trainer who will give it her all, care about you and help you live a healthy lifestyle and lose weight and get fit,  then Laurie is your girl”!

Wendye Van Housen
Laurie Graves Fitness Client

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