What is the LOSING IT Challenge?

“God is using the Losing It series in unbelievable ways! I have to admit that when Laurie Graves, a member of NorthWood who works with former “Biggest Loser” contestants as a personal trainer, came to me with the idea for this series, I thought it was a pretty good idea. But instead, it has been phenomenal”!

- Bob Robert Jr., Senior Pastor of NorthWood Church, Keller, TX                                                                                          
Losing IT was so much more than a weight loss series, people used this series as a wake-up call to deal with serious, unhealthy issues in their life. They wanted to deal with being over-stressed, their addictions to unhealthy habits, and negativity in their lives. They dealt with past emotional hurts that had caused harm to important relationships in their lives. They wanted to take care of their burdens and not live another day with less than God’s best for them!

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