Fighting Fear in Uncertain Times

God has not given us a spirit of fear, but power, love and a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7

My daughter Haley and I were talking about fear tonight. She is starting her junior year of high school in the morning. We discussed that when we walk out of our front door and into the world each day, there is an opportunity for fear and it can be downright scary. Crime, storms and destruction are all around and we hear the news stories every night. However, when we know God, when we know the power He has provided for us, we can receive peace in troubled times and we can have His help in crisis.

This power comes because He died on the cross for us. He gives us that power and authority for ourselves but it’s also available so we can help strengthen and minister to others around us that are in need and held down by fear.

He’s also given His love freely to us so that we can love others. When we combine His power and love it gives us the supernatural ability to love the unlovely. Sometimes it’s going to take that power combined with His love to just “ like” certain people. Just remember that all things are possible!

The last promise here is a sound mind. Could you get used to peace and tranquility when the rest of the world is fearful of loss. Loss of status, loss of a job, loss of finances, loss of relationship, loss of health – even in the hard times a there is a peace that will pass up your human reasoning and understanding if you will keep your heart and mind centered on Jesus Christ!