Forgive Today for Your Future Health

I’m currently reading a book by Dr. Don Colbert MD. entitled “Deadly Emotions”. Great knowledge inside about how holding onto hurts and wounds from the past can actually cause your body kill itself from the inside with depression and chronic illness.

While reading I was reminded of a story I heard years ago… The storyteller likened holding on to unforgiveness to the way the Aborigines people in Australia catch monkeys. He explained that the tribes make cages from wood and they put the slats of the cage very close together. They bait the cage with a piece of fruit. The monkey is attracted to the cage, reaches in and grabs the fruit and holds on. They grasp it so tightly but can’t remove the fruit so they they begin jerking, shaking and running around in circles with the cage stuck on their hand. They become exhausted by trying so hard to hold onto the fruit. Little do they realize that if they would just release the fruit they would be free to run from death that awaits them. Once the monkey is worn down, the hunter comes and simply puts a bag over them and they are captured and carried off for the evening meal.

That is the way unforgivess ruins lives. We are wronged, we are wounded, we get our feelings hurt. Instead of releasing the offense, taking a step of faith to forgive, we hold on. We allow it to eat at us, we think of ways to seek revenge, we loose sleep and peace of mind. If we refuse to release the offender often times it can take us to a place of depression, anger and even illness.

To read more on the subject you can also check out “A More Excellent Way to Be In Health” and
“The 8 R’s to Freedom”, both by Henry R. Wright. Eating well, exercising and caring for your emotional and spiritual health are vital to creating balance. The Father God longs to see you free in all areas of your life!