Go Ahead and Eat!

Cornelius, a captain of the Italian army, invited the apostle Peter to his house.  Before the servants arrived, Peter was praying and fell into a trance.  He saw a huge sheet dropping from the sky filled with all kinds of animals. God told Peter to eat them, but Peter was confused and said, “No, Lord, they aren’t kosher.  I can’t eat unclean food.” God’s voice came again and said to Peter, “If I say it’s okay, it’s okay.”
The servants arrived to deliver the invitation to come to Cornelius’ home.  But since the Italian captain was not a Jew, he was considered unclean by the Jews and devout Jews like Peter would not associate with him.
Many people interpret the trance as God telling Peter that he should go to Cornelius’ house because all believers are equal.  I believe that is true.  But here is how the Holy Spirit had me start looking at this passage:  I believe God superseded the Jewish law so that Peter could have freedom in fellowship with Cornelius and not offend his host.
Have you ever invited someone to dinner who was on a low-carb diet and they picked all of the noodles out of your lasagna or casserole like they are radioactive?  It’s offensive, right?
Here’s what I want you to see…
Cornelius asked Peter to stay on a few days and he didn’t have to worry about whether the food was clean or unclean. Peter had not traveled with his kosher food divided into Tupperware. He didn’t bring baggies of unleavened bread. He was not freaking out because he forgot his supplements or didn’t have his filtered water.
God had shown Peter in a vision that He was going to bless him physically and spiritually no matter what he ate.  That is freedom, my friends — doing your part so God can do His.  You can trust the Father with your health and your food choices!