What are You Listening to When You Workout?

Today I was considering what a blessing it is to put exercise and worship together and have a real move of the Holy Spirit during my workouts. God designed us spirit, soul and body – all three working together to achieve balance.
?My friend, Renee Wilson, Biggest Loser from Season 6, told me she filled her spirit with God’s Word and worship as she exercise 6-8 hours a day at the Biggest Loser Ranch and it was the ONLY way that she had endurance to finish the task Jillian Michaels laid out for her. Can you imagine the fatigue and thoughts of quitting that would plague your mind exercising in those extreme conditions? Some of us battle our minds to just finish 30 minutes of movement!
Here’s what she did, she downloaded her pastor’s messages and loaded TONS of praise music and “amen-ed” and worshiped God out loud in the Biggest Loser Gym for months! She felt supernatural power when she was worshiping God. I know I do and you can too! I’m not saying that a little “We Will Rock You” or “Eye of the Tiger” can’t inspire you, but if your looking for a way to hear from God or just get through a workout, consider combining the spiritual and the physical and see if you don’t just receive a healing in your SOUL!