Don’t Go for the Quick Fix

Don’t do fad diets, they screw up your metabolism. Cutting your calories way down for several months and then returning to normal eating is counterproductive if you want to keep weight off long term. Fad diets are for the weak and desperate individual and they DO NOT WORK. Science supports the fact that if you will make sustainable changes that work into your lifestyle you will be far more successful at weight loss than those who go to extreme measures. Personally, I started with  realistic and sustainable changes like:

Salad instead of fries
One piece of pizza vs. five
Water instead of soft drinks
Oatmeal in the morning instead of Pop Tarts

Little changes like this added up to a 90 pound weight loss over the course of two years and I’ve been able to keep it off for 8 years. To me that is more of a success story that individuals who lose 30 pounds in 30 days and within 90 more days after they have gained it all back! Remember little changes, big results.